About Judy Neger

Judy Neger brings over 15 years of experience to the table as a mediator to help parties resolve disputes.

Judy Neger - JN MediationsJudy Neger obtained her M.A in Conflict Resolution from Royal Roads University in 2005 and a B.A in Philosophy from York University in 2000. Judy also holds Certificates in Dispute Resolution and Advanced Dispute Resolution from York University. Judy completed a Mediation Internship at Ontario Small Claims Court, worked as a FSCO mediator, and trained with Mediator Jay Rudolph for over 5 years. Judy worked as an associate mediator at Rudolph Mediation & Arbitration services since 2009.

Judy is a Chartered Mediator, having received her designation from the ADR Institute of Canada (C. Med. 2011), and has been a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario since 2002. Judy has published articles in the Canadian Arbitration and Mediation Journal and remains current on trends in the field of mediation.

Currently, Judy is the founder of JN Mediations, a multi service mediation company located in the GTA. Judy is responsible for mediating and negotiating settlements for civil litigation cases, (ie. personal injury, insurance, employment, sexual harassment, human rights and business). Judy has mediated hundreds of cases and is very qualified in handling complex, multi-party disputes while maintaining neutrality, confidence and rapport with parties. She is committed to ensuring all parties experience a fair, efficient and effective mediation process. Judy’s strong analytical and interpersonal skills make her an effective mediator, and her passion and enthusiasm bring energy to the mediation.

Judy is actively involved in conflict resolution advocacy, awareness and promoting dispute resolution to law schools, businesses, organizations, school boards, community forums, and mature students. Judy believes strongly in the advantages of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process and serves as a mentor and leader in the community regarding conflict resolution initiatives.

In addition to her busy mediation practice, Judy volunteers at various community organizations. Judy and her husband have five children and live in Toronto. Judy is involved in PTA, charity work, community service and matchmaking. While juggling a career and family, if she has any downtime, Judy enjoys reading, playing guitar, dancing/singing and writing.